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East Lothian is a truly unique county, known as “Scotlands Bread-Basket” due to the fertile soils and temperate climate.  Dryer than most of Scotland, this beautiful county, apart from bosting wonderful scenery, has a huge range of attractions available to our guests during your stay.  The National Museum of Flight, home to Concord, is a mere 5 minute drive from the Tower.  Their annual summer air show in July is a spectacular event . . . you can wave to the pilots from the battlements of Fenton Tower and see them wave and smile back!  East Lothian is also the birth-place of the Scottish Saltire.  The charming village of Athelstaneford, where a defining battle took place in 832AD, lies to the South of Fenton Tower.  Legend has it that the clouds above the battle-ground formed a magnificent white cross against a piercing blue sky . . . and was inspiration for the St Andrews Cross, the oldest European and Commonwealth flag.  An action-packed break, filled with golf, sailing and horse racing . . . or a relaxed time with friends and family, exploring our beaches, museums and wonderful restaurants – no matter what your reason for visiting there will be something for everyone.

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